Sam | Fall River Portrait Photography

Whenever we want to snap a new photo of our son, we don't need to look too far than own home town of Fall River, Massachusetts to catch some new memories. Sam is FIVE AND A HALF! Well, he will be in a few days. So we celebrated this new milestone with some quick photos this Sunday afternoon. Children change so quickly, so we love to photograph him regularly. 

We don't need elaborate sets or complex sessions with him. We like him as his own quirky self.

Here is Sam, our ham. 

This year, he's learned hot to spell (about 120 words), he graduated from Occupational Therapy, had three surgeries, two overnight hospital stays, learned to jump in the pool, can take an amazing selfie and is likely the only five year old on this earth that LOVES geography and world history. It's quite amazing being his mom and dad. 

Shanna LuboldComment