we're the lubolds. 

all about us. in 500 words or less. kinda.

Before we became wedding photographers, we were a bride + groom ourselves. We were engaged for 1,133 days. That's over three years. Why? 'Cause we wanted to get married on the fifth anniversary of our first kiss. Awwww. Our son Sam came seven months later (four months early), teaching us why photos and memories matter. He fills us with so much happiness and pride. Straight up joy. 

We want to capture that joy for you. Make your world full of light and love and freeze those memories for you to look back on as you grow old together with the ones you love. 



All about Mike (in Shanna's words.)

He is the quiet to my loud, the peaceful to my chaos, the other half of my heart. When we met, I didn't think it would work out. I mean, he didn't speak portuguese! But he was a ginger, and I've always had a thing for redheads (oooh Prince Harry), so I gave it a shot. Three days later, I knew this was it. The empty space in my life was full; my knees were weak but my heart was strong. I found my partner in all things life. Mike is smart, incredibly so. He has a mind full of useless (but fun) knowledge, and can quote nearly every spoken word of Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and even the less popular Ocean's Thirteen. He is the world's best boutonniere fastener in the northern hemisphere. He is calm and trusting, caring and patient. Everyone - adults, children and animals, sense his calm and benefit from it. When we're working, he's in the background, catching the candid moments without forcing them. He's smiling genuinely, finding joy in your own, but he's never dancing. It is my goal as his wife and partner in all things to get him to dance. 


All about Shanna (in Mike's words.)

She's the loud to my quiet, the chaos in my peaceful world and she's definitely going to call me out for copying her. Shanna is a Jack of all trades. She's a writer and has a beautiful way with words. So here, I just can't compare. She can crochet a hat in twenty minutes. She can read a book in a day - and when there is nothing going on, she does. She sings - and it's the best voice I've ever heard. She is the most incredible mother, daughter, sister, aunt and wife - she's everything. She took a picture of me on our first date and after that initial "this is creepy" feeling I had, I grabbed the clunky camera and tried to take a picture of her. She taught me how to use it and proved she's an amazing teacher as well. She's got a great personality and a killer smile. She's everything.

She's all mine. But you can have her for the day.



All of our very beautiful, very fabulous, super perfect family photos courtesy of Mandy Mayberry Photography.



All about Sam (in our words.)

Sam is the light of our lives. He came after such a sad time and taught us so much. We're lucky to have so much love in our lives and goodness, so much laughter. We're sure one day he'll be an engineer of some kind - either mechanical, or of the Lego variety. He loves cars and that dreadful Minecraft and will spend countless hours pretending to be Cristiano Ronaldo or Patrice Bergeron... by crafting their hairstyles. (Nerd alert.) He's an excellent goalkeeper when he plays soccer, and can read most books we give him (just like his mama.)

He loves world history, geography, world flags, answering questions on Jeopardy and asking lots and lots of questions, and rarely forgetting any answers. 

Our proudest moment is when we became Daddy and Mommy (and don't you ever call me Mom!) We appreciate all the love Sam gets from our couples and clients - he loves being told how much we talk about him. He is his mother's son, after all.