What is your "style"?

Our style is rooted in "moments" based photojournalism and heavily influenced by fine art photography, capturing natural, organic moments as they happen. Our imagery is fun, clean, bright, timeless, luxurious and emotionally captivating. It's not always the big picture that takes a lot of planning and time to execute that will be your favorite. It's usually a number of the smaller, less pivotal moments that tell the story that will speak to you on a deeper level. 


Can you explain your booking process? 

To book your wedding with HOLP, step one is to contact us to ensure we are available. Step two, get to know us with either a phone, skype or in-person meeting. Step three, hug it out and sign a contract. Or forgo the hug, but the contract is a must. Who am I kidding.. So is the hug.


Do you travel?

We sure do, worldwide in fact. We've shot weddings in every state in New England, and engagement sessions from here to NYC and in between. Weddings as far as Cancun, and we'd like to expand that list. Please contact us for special Destination Wedding pricing. 


What kind of gear do you use?

We both use professional grade Nikon digital SLRs and a host of Nikon lenses. We have back up gear for our back up gear. We also can carry Nikon film and Pentax film cameras, in both 35mm and medium format. Film coverage is optional. 


Does the price include sales tax?

No. If you are receiving a tangible product (like an album or USB), your total package price will incur 6.25% MA sales tax. 


How many photos should we expect? 

The number of images received is variable, based on a number of different things, like size of bridal party, size of guest list, weather, venue flexibility, etc. However, we always, always document your day from the moment we get there until the moment we leave and strive to get you images from every moment, whether you remember it happening or not. Our average is 600-800 images per wedding, with some receiving a little less, and some receiving more. That's purely empirical data. 


How long will it take for me to receive my images?

We do pride ourselves in hand editing each and every image in your final set, creating a timeless and artistic set of images you will joyfully look back on with your family for decades. Wedding images are promised within 8-10 weeks but are typically delivered sooner than that!


Can we get every single image you took on our wedding day, edited or not?

Well, no. We have a high standard for your wedding images, and we want to be sure that each and every photo we deliver meets that standard. We hand edit our images in our signature HOLP style. Any image that does not meet our standards is deleted. (Including closed eyes, blurry photos, unnecessary duplicates, etc.) Rest assured, your delivered gallery will tell the story of your day as it unfolds. 


What is your absolutely favorite wedding venue? 

I can honestly say that there is not one venue we have shot at yet that we have not enjoyed working at, but a few of our favorites are almost always those that call to our artistic side. We love fancy ballrooms, green spaces, lush gardens and water views. New England has spoiled us. If we haven't shot at your venue, we would love the chance to do so and add it to our favorite venues. 


What do you wear? Will you be in a uniform? 

Kind of. But not really. To nearly every single wedding, Michael is in a suit, complete with a bowtie. Sometimes, he skips the bow tie for a traditional tie, but he'll use a funky knot because he LOVES getting dressed up. I (Shanna) will always be in a dress or if the weather is cold, dressy top and fancy pants. Our goal is to blend in as much as we possibly can with your guests. A giant logo on our shirt will stick out. It's always more fun to pick out your outfit to match the venue anyway. 


Do you get cake? 

Well I better. Cake is one of the main reasons I became a wedding photographer, after all.