Shaunna + Michael | A Villa at the Ridder Country Club wedding || House of Lubold, Bridgewater wedding photography

Bridgewater Wedding Photographer

When I got an inquiry and the couples names were "Michael and Shaunna" and we are "Michael and Shanna", I was instantly excited. We're nearly name twins squared! We met one beautiful evening for frozen yogurt, and instantly clicked. Mike was laid back, quiet but provided lots of laughs and important input. Shaunna was,... like looking in a mirror, but a much better dressed, better made up, better coifed mirror image. But still. 

As the planning process continued on, we had a blast preparing and shooting an epic engagement session (Link here:

The wedding was epic. Their friends and family were so fun, the music was SO GOOD that the night could've gone on forever and it wouldn't have been long enough to celebrate the love of these two beautiful people. We're so lucky to call these two friends.