HOLP does Brooklyn

When Darren and Vanessa booked us last summer, we were thrilled to learn all about them and their life together in New York. More than anything, I wanted to meet them in Brooklyn for their engagement session. I was so happy when they gave in to my demands. :) The weather here in MA was miserable. It was that rainy Sunday where about 5 inches fell from the sky. The closer we got to New York, the grip my anxiety had over my heart loosened. Rain. Free.

The skies were overcast, there was wind and intermittent drizzle. But Darren and Vanessa worked with it and did a fabulous job as models for us.

We're super stoked for their September nuptials in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Here are a few of our favorite shots from our session:

And when all was said and done, Mike took me shopping. To the best stores in the world. Life is a love story. 

- Shanna