2017 in Review

My name is Shanna. I am the world's worst blogger. People tell me "blog once a day, every day" but you know, I forget to grab my keys before walking out the door most days... I forget to blog! It's been... four months? I'm not sure. But it's my NEW YEARS RESOLUTION to blog at least once a week. One time a week is doable. Please. Keep me accountable. Don't let me fail. 

I digress. 

2017 was epic.

We had some of the most fabulous weddings. Lots of fun moments. Lots of humor and fun. Lots and lots of freaking awesome images. We delivered 28,281 wedding images this year. 28,281 memories. I'm blown away from the love and support we receive from our friends and family, clients and followers.

Here are a few of our favorite images from the year.

We worked at lots of fabulous venues this year! 

The Abbey Grill, Indian Pond Country Club, The Hope Club, Cotali Mar, The Villa at Ridder Country Club, The Cultural Center, Easton's Beach Rotunda, Rachel's Lakeside, Franklin Country Club, Ocean Cliff, the Publick House, Crown Plaza, Lake Pearl, Venus de Milo, Corpus Christi, Ester, The Rhode Island Shriners Imperial Room, Rosebrook Event Center, Grandview, Our Lady of Light Club, Leicester Country Club, Providence Public Library

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